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The film is an American horror anthology movie directed, edited, and written by Damien Leone, for his feature movie directorial debut. The movie is presented as a series of shorts that the two kids and their babysitter discovered on the unmarked videotape during Halloween evening, all of which present the homicidal clown called Art the Clown. The movie incorporates footage from their 2008 short film, and also with the 2011 short movie, which both were also under the direction of Leone.

Cast Lists

Katie Maguire appeared as Sarah

Cole Mathewson appeared as Timmy

Daniel Rodas appeared as the Man in the Car

Marissa Wolf appeared as Kristen

Brandon DeSpain appeared as Alien

Christine Evangelista appeared as Scarecrow

Mike Giannelli appeared as their Art the Clown

Michael Chmiel appeared as (the voice) of Attendant/John

Marie Maser appeared as Costume Designer

Anna Maliere appeared as a Pregnant Woman

Minna Taylor appeared as Sara

Catherine Callahan appeared as Caroline

Eric Diez appeared as Satan

Sydney Freihofer appeared as Tia

Kayla Lian appeared as Casey


After the evening of trick-or-treating during Halloween, babysitter Sarah was surprised to witness that the kids, Timmy and Tia had taken the unmarked VHS tapes in their bags. The kids convince Sarah to permit them to view the tape that contains 3 tales, each of which featured the homicidal clown called Art.

First segment

Hallows' Eve

It features the young lady known as Casey, who has been drugged and abducted by Art their Clown while on standby for the train. She awakened to locate herself chained in the area with the two other ladies, Sara and Kristen. When Sara was dragged away by the chain, Kristen and Casey decided to follow where the chains led. Upon getting to the ending part of the handcuffs, Casey attempted to break the handcuffs with the big rock but was interrupted by the deformed humanoid that dismembered Kristen with the cleaver. The humanoid innocently frees Casey by severing her chain with a cleaver, but she then soon discovers herself being tied down and being surrounded by the hooded figures. Right after watching the forms remove the fetus from the womb of the restrained pregnant lady, Casey was raped by Satan. Right after a segment ends, Sarah sends Timmy and Tia to bed and settles to carry on watching the tapes with her.

Second segment

Presents the woman named Caroline, who had just transferred to the latest countryside home. In the evening, a bright object crashed near the home, and a power outage took place. Caroline stated that her car and her phone are malfunctioning, and suspected that somebody other than her inside the house. She abruptly received a call from John, her husband; however, the link was soon broken. Then, she later discovered that she has been stalked by the alien, and after attempting to disorient it, then, she hid in the small room under the staircase. There, the phone rings again, watching the alien to the location. As she was dragged off by an alien, she pulled the sheet off of a painting of John, revealing the image of Art the Clown.

Third segment

It features the costume designer driving on an isolated road. Discontinuing at the gas station, she locates the attendant angrily kicking out Art, who had actually smeared feces over the walls of a gas station’s bathroom. An attendant fills the tank and hears the noise from the inside of a gas station while providing a costume designer directions. He goes in to investigate, and if he does not come back, the costume designer comes into a building and sees the Art chopping up an attendant’s body with the hacksaw. She flew and the chase ensued, and then Art finally appeared behind her seat in the car and attempted to suffocate together with the cellophane. She slams on a brake and then escapes, barricading her inside the large shed. Art hollowed out the way into a shed and slashed her with the makeshift whip that is composed of sharp devices. She stabbed Art in his eye with the scalpel, and in at the back with the knife. She once again escaped and was pulled out by the man who tried to drive her into the close by a police post. Art followed them in the auto and shot the man in his head with the handgun, causing the car to crash into a tree. Sometime later, the costume designer regained consciousness on the crude operating table and then found that Art had amputated her breasts and limbs and stamped misogynistic obscenities into the body.

Writer’s Notion

Hallows' Eve

The film is an anthology movie. Like most of the other horror anthologies, it has three main tales, plus the wraparound story that ties them together. The director chose the format to illustrate the pre-existing short movie, so only its second story and a wraparound are really new. With regard to the reputation, there seemed to be three main complaints about this movie: 3) The acting is just bad, 2) The film is very gory, and 1) The director used previously created materials.

Each of them is simply negated and the actually acting is pretty good. It is just strong enough to allow the audience to suspend their disbelief that is after all a game’s name. If there is one thing you will learn from reading the posts and reviews and elsewhere, it is that people will always complain about anything. And the truth is this movie is an entertaining, tense horror film that is alive with inspired direction, creativity, and realistic effects. Its rating is not fair and unfortunate. If you wanted a polished horror movie that is long on the plot and that every shot is perfectly framed, then see something else. However, if you want to enjoy and be scared, then, this movie is for you.

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