5 Mistakes of Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory

Penny has been our favorite character throughout The Big Bang Theory series. But there are a little mistakes of Penny that we didn’t really noticed.

5- She’s a Maniac!

kaley is a dream girl

The “Maniac Pixie Dream Girl” figure of speech refers to a female person in a book or TV show or film who might not exist, in actuality, and is only the dream of a male author. She is sweet and adorable, entertaining, delightful, and goes along to make a male person’s fantasies materialize. “Adorkable” is the word most regularly used to portray a Manic Pixie Dream Girl character. There are some more mistakes..

4- She was with Raj!

penny and raj

In a plot turn that wouldn’t have felt awkward in an episode of Three’s Company, Penny and Raj once woke up hungover in a similar bed together with practically no clothes on. It is one of the most astonishing crossroads throughout the entire series of The Big Bang Theory and it is since then hidden away from plain view by the journalists as they’ve understood how terrible it was for her to do.

3- She’s not friends with anyone!

the big bang theory cast

Aside from Leonard, who is her significant other, Penny doesn’t appear to really like any individuals in her group of friends. She continually conflicts with Sheldon and their relationship is set by offending one another. The initial not many long periods of her fellowship with Howard damage by him being a jerk and she can’t address Raj except if he’s really in his senses, and afterward he’s unpalatable and she would really rather avoid that.

2- She’s two-faced!

kaley is competitive

Not exclusively does Penny continually criticize her companions for their interests; however she is likewise a gigantic wolf in sheep’s clothing about it. She generally ridicules the folks for loving comic books; and computer games, however the subsequent she attempts those things, she becomes dependent on them.

1- She thinks she’s better than her husband

kaley and johnny gelacki

Penny by and large considers herself to be better than the majority of individuals she connects with; however most terrible of everything is that she believes that with regards to her significant other. Penny appears to have felt sorry for him all through their whole relationship. She kissed him out of pity and she consented to go out on the town with him out of pity. She feels like she’s giving him a break or helping him out by being involve with him.

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