10 Creepy Thrillers You Can Watch About Rental Houses

When you are just out for a weekend getaway and you visited a place a rental house, but then the host and the surroundings are beginning to act shady, you will then realize that you are out there not to have fun but to ride with what is every happening there that results with some realistic and engaging horror.

Receiving positive responses coming the audiences and the from critics, might end up giving you rooms for a more horrific look for rental house horror movies and will end up changing the viewer’s perceptions of rental houses and hotels forever after watching these movies. If this will suit your cinematic tastes about a horror movie, then here are the other similar movies together that you can watch for this coming Halloween.

The Guest (2014)

Starring Dan Stevens as the drifter having a military background, the film had that familiar narrative. An odd stranger enters the sleepy town and gradually, various inhabitants begin to disappear one by one together with the obvious doubts raised at its title “guest.” The teen notices this odd pattern and decided to pursue the guest personally, revealing many secrets in the end.

Get Out (2017)

When the African-American guy drives with the White girlfriend going to the house of the parents, then, he finds some oddity amongst the family; however, he has no thoughts of the parasitic, racialist conspiracy that will befall him. Get Out movie functioned as one smart horror and comedy movie with satirical undertone that mock the society subtly yet very effectively.

The Invitation (2015)

As the title suggests dealt with a dinner get-together to which different friends are present. Will and his companions that are meeting there after that long time are oddly placed off as some strangers are also being resent in this party.

Will had his personal apprehensions in doing this through the evening, because the one that is inviting everyone is his ex-wife. Different wounds from their past are now opened as their story progresses and while the others are raw to the danger waiting for them, Will suspected the cult-like group to be breeding within the vicinity. The film is one of the many movies that had a limited story, but there are lots of unsaid tension that is running during the movie runtime.

Gerald’s Game (2017)

The movie premised its minimally frightening atmosphere is unsettling. The husband and wife rented the house in the forest where they settled to spice some things. The wife is being cuffed to a bed while her husband prepares to be occupied in some love-make and right then the husband succumbed to a heart attack! The wife’s endurance and the recovery of her psychological worries form in the remaining part of the film.

Identity (2003)

This psychological thriller film can either be exasperatingly excessive with their multi-linear narrative and equally enthralling will depend on the viewer’s mood. Their basic plot revolves in the ten strangers who were stranded at the motel during a storm as the convicted mass killer was being transported to his nearby execution.

When the strangers begin dying gradually one by one, that is the time they start piecing every narrative together to locate for the killer’s identity. In some ways, this classic movie finds its own footage too, as one thrilling mystery.

The Visit (2015)

What would possibly happen if you pay a visit to the dark house of your grandparents and the twisted secrets starts to emerge? Such creepy scenes formed the crux of the found-footage horror and comedy movie.

With the swing of universally bad movies that Shyamalan was doing, he started avoiding his habits of unexpected plot twists and adding sudden twirl, and so in this movie, the viewers will find Shyamalan enter the comfort zone again as this movie had a surprising and amusing third act.

The Cabin In The Woods (2011)

This is an original and a wildly fresh horror-comedy movie. The film begins with a cliched story as the crowd of friends booked the title to have an enjoyable weekend. While the viewers would anticipate supernatural elements on haunt the bunch of acquaintances, there appears to have a larger threat lurking at the back of the scenes, one which involved the giants and the secret agencies.

Becky (2020)

This is a fairly recent movie and the welcome tone change. The movie is terrifying, amusing, and a definitely worth to watch the film. Like many other the same films, the setting will be a lake house within a wild weekend. As the rebellious teen plans to reconnect with his father through a weekend getaway, the wanted convicted break free under a leadership of a brutal brute Dominick. Becky made for the compelling home invasion thrill that’s violent, intense and edgy enough for their genre fans. Moreover, after playing a token child in lots of horror movies, the leading lady gets to really unleash her acting talent.

The Shining (1980)

Not intentional, the movie is an alarming depiction of lots of themes that range from self-isolation to the writer’s block to alcoholism and supernatural possession. The movie emerged as a real trailblazer in a horror genre with the legacy that goes on in the pop culture.

As the story of the family shifted to the abandoned hotel to have a lonely, bleak winter, the abusive and alcoholic writer’s mind went haywire as he ended the mo vie turning to the homicidal maniac of an influence of a so-called ‘shining’.

Hush (2016)

The low-budget, fast-paced slasher movie of deaf writer that lives comfortably in the house that’s situated in the patch of the forested land, when trouble ensues when the masked stalker wreaked havoc by killed neighbors, then make her as the next target. What’s next, are some gory, classic traps, confrontations of the imagination of the writer, and Mike Flanagan’s style of directing a movie, really keep the viewers hooked up to the end.

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