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Rating: 4 out of 5.

In an era where it’s increasingly difficult to find films that truly captivate and keep you on the edge of your seat, “Reptile” emerges as a hidden gem. Directed by Grant Singer and featuring a screenplay by Benicio Del Toro, Rick Yorn, and Grant Singer, this film may not be at the top of your watchlist initially, but once you give it a chance, you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t do so sooner.

The plot of “Reptile” immerses us in the murky world of real estate empires, drug trafficking, and corruption within the police force. It all kicks off with a realtor’s brutal murder. While her fiancé, portrayed by Justin Timberlake, is the primary suspect, her ex (played by Karl Glusman) is not entirely cleared of suspicion either. When Detective Tom Nichols takes the case, he naively believes it will be a straightforward investigation. But as he delves deeper, he realizes that a tangled web of deception extends from the victim’s home to the very heart of the police department. In a world where trust is scarce, Nichols only has faith in one person—his wife, Judy, brought to life by Alicia Silverstone. Everyone else could be a potential murderer.

“Reptile” is an enigmatic, slow-burning crime thriller that effortlessly achieves what it sets out to do. With its dark and deliberate tone, meticulous storytelling, and the remarkable performance of Benicio Del Toro, the film transforms your viewing experience into an exhilarating journey. Set in the atmospheric backdrop of New England, it promises no respite as the narrative unravels, prompting viewers to play detective, joining Nichols in the race against time. Will he lose his sanity along the way? The answer is far from certain, as the case he’s entrusted with threatens to unravel not just the mystery but his own mental stability.

Grant Singer’s directorial debut is nothing short of captivating. He crafts a story that is both intriguing and intelligent, leaving you yearning for more screen time. The film is beautifully shot, meticulously constructed, and boasts exceptional performances from the entire cast. “Reptile” should be your go-to choice if you’re in the mood for a compelling crime thriller. It serves up all the essential ingredients for a satisfying cinematic experience—flawless execution, an air of mystery, and an opportunity for the audience to piece together the puzzle of this whodunit murder case. Without a doubt, “Reptile” is a film well worth your undivided attention.

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