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Friends: The 5 Most Shameless Things Rachel Has Ever Done

On Friends, Rachel Green was always up to something, manipulating people to fulfill her own selfish desires. Here are most shameless moments.

Rachel Green was always up to something. She always stirred up the hornet’s nest in order to fulfill her selfish desires and motives. But in doing so, she committed a bunch of mistakes on Friends. These weren’t just harmless errors but shameless acts. Since Friends has considerable influence on people of all ages, we thought it’d be great to go over Rachel’s most shameless moments.


Cost Ross And Julie Their Night Together

When Rachel realized she had feelings for Ross, she tried her level best to cause harm to Julie. She was mad that her roommate, Monica, was seeing her brother’s girlfriend’s side. But worst of all, she manipulated Ross into not spending the night with Julie. She had no right to give out advice about things that truly didn’t concern her.

Rachel could have kept quiet and let Ross and Julie take their own course, but the selfish girl in the gang had to pull a Rachel. She didn’t stop there, she eventually broke the two of them up.


Balded Ross’s Girlfriend

Again with Ross’s girlfriends! Rachel actually got Ross’s girlfriend Bonnie to shave her head. According to Rachel, she just gave Bonnie a nudge to go for something she herself wanted. But she gave her the razor. Rachel knew how to mess with people’s minds, she could easily exert her influence over people.

There could be two motives for her doing this. Either get Ross to break up with a bald person, which would be pretty shallow of her. Or, to hurt anyone who came in between her and Ross. Speaking of which, there was no way forward for them. Bonnie finally ended things with Ross.


Bullied People In High School

The show writers wrote most of their characters conventionally and stereotypically. Rachel was one such example. She was the head cheerleader, got on top of the pyramid each time, which boosted her ago. As a result, the head cheerleader thought she had the right to bully people. So she did.

Why did she have to be such a mean person to Luisa Gianetti in high school? Years later when Luisa met her it was a disaster to see that poor girl recollect what Rachel had put her through. Rachel did the same with Will. She couldn’t have been nice in high school. She just had to be mean.


Hit On A Married Man

You’d be crazy to think Rachel realized her mistake at Ross’s wedding. She swooped in to fill Emily’s place, and almost flew to Greece with Ross. It was Ross and Emily’s honeymoon, for crying out loud! She actually took up Ross’s offer to lay on the beach and watch him cry over his failed marriage. After traveling alone to Athens, spending her time alone there, Rachel came back to stir up more trouble.

In Central Perk, Rachel told Ross how she was still in love with him. Ross’s answer couldn’t have been more appropriate. He didn’t know what to do with that right then.


Gift Exchanges She Made

Rachel almost exchanged every gift she got for something else. Ross knew about it. He even gave her the green-light to exchange the earrings he bought her on her birthday. She wore the golden necklace Ross got her for a Christmas once. She wore it all day on Christmas and then… big dog! It was a well-known fact Rachel exchanged every gift she got. In her defense, she exchanged gifts for things she enjoyed and things she could get a lot of use out. Even so, sometimes gifts have sentimental value, Rachel.

We still love our Rachel even after all this!

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