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Every Relationship Ranked in The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory was a sitcom about nerdy people, however it had its portion of sentiments. We see which couples are most worthy of shipping.

The Big Bang Theory at first centered around the friendship among four nerdy researchers; Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj, and their lovely wannabe actress neighbor Penny. However, when the show included two additional women along with everything else; Bernadette and Amy, it likewise saw its portion of romantic relationship.


Penny And Zack

penny and zack

On and Off, sweetheart of Penny’s, they met when she worked at The Cheesecake Factory and dated on and off for a long time, however it was never for the right reasons. At a certain point they accidentally got married in Las Vegas spontaneously, thinking it was a joke, however they later had the marriage abrogated.


Leonard And Priya

leonard and priya

Priya, Raj’s younger sister, was a total mismatch for Leonard. She seemed intent on changing him and had no desire to pursue a real, long-term relationship.


Howard And Bernadette

howard and bernie


Sheldon And Amy 

sheldon and amy

Indeed, even Sheldon’s mom thought her child was ill-fated to be separated from everyone else forever, so when Sheldon met Amy, it was predetermination. As the main individual who could match Sheldon in smarts, he regarded Amy’s acumen massively while she venerated him and needing just to be with him all around.


Penny and Leonard

penny and leonard

The relationship that served as the backdrop for much of the series, Leonard pined for Penny from the moment he saw her. And while he was the complete opposite of anyone she had ever dated before, they clicked in their own special way.

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